Quick Update

It’s about that time that I should be posting a new article, but I’m going to fall back on that over-used excuse of “life is really crazy right now.”  The nomadic Dr. and Mrs. Roberson are on the move again, and the dust hasn’t quite settled yet from our most recent trek across the country.  We left Alaska recently and arrived in Miami last night.  We’re still trying to put together all the pieces of our new life.  I do have at least two partially finished articles sitting in my drafts folder, but my brain is too fried to try to turn them into complete pieces tonight.

But I did want to log on to WordPress tonight and send out a quick shout-out for two reasons.

1.  I’m still blown away by the responses I’ve gotten from my last two posts.  I’m still receiving more hits than ever before, and I had several comments waiting for me to approve after several days away from my computer.  Thank you, everyone!

2.  I’ve been quoted!  See below for a link to an article by the wonderful people at Charge Magazine, in which they quoted part of my article, “The Truth About Teachers’ Pets“.

Link:  http://www.chargemagazine.org/teachers-pet-101.html

Overall, it has been a very good two weeks for my blog, even if I haven’t been able to check it every day recently.  And I promise, I’ll turn one of those drafts into a completed post sometime in the next few days.


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