The Traditional “I’ve Just Been Freshly Pressed!” Post

This couldn’t have come on a crazier weekend.  When I received the initial e-mail and the comments began pouring in, I was away from home, focused on being there for someone who needed me.  Had I been home, being Freshly Pressed would have been the highlight of my weekend.  Had I been home, I could have devoted hours to WordPress and replied to all the comments, joined more discussions, and visited more blogs from my readers.  As it was, my attention was diverted elsewhere most of the time, and I could only occasionally check on my new-found “Freshly Pressed” status.  At first I tried to reply to everyone, but as the comments kept piling up, I caved and simply hit “Approve” whenever I found a spare moment.

I did read every comment, though.  I appreciate every one.  If you are a reader who didn’t receive a personal response to your comment, thank you for your interest in my words.  Thank you for taking the time to join the discussion.  I’m so thankful for all the kind comments, compliments, and opinions.  I’m so thankful to be taken seriously and to have others listen to what I have to say.  

I’m not sure what else to say beyond that.  When I first began blogging I had aspirations of being Freshly Pressed, but when I wrote that post, I didn’t think that would be the one.  I thought I might be Freshly Pressed for one of my musings on culture and the power of today’s youth.  I thought maybe it would be my teaching stories or my reflections on my own story.  I knew the Weekly Writing Challenge could increase my chances, but really, I just used the prompt because I was due for a post and Facebook was a topic I could write about.

I hope that doesn’t make me sound ungrateful.  The attention has been overwhelming and I’m excited to be recognized for my writing – but this weekend also put my blog’s role in my life into perspective.  It’s ironic that I was Freshly Pressed for my reflection on Facebook when I spent my weekend in face-to-face conversations with people who needed me there, helping a friend through a tough situation.  We hashed out tough issues late into the evening.  We laughed over Mean Girls and Despicable Me.    We sang along to the music in the car.  Through all this, I occasionally checked my blog so I could approve the next wave of comments, but this weekend face-to-face discussion took precedent over my internet community.

That being said, I also received one important message over Facebook this weekend, a message that will guide how I respond to certain people right now.  Even during a weekend focused on friendship, I couldn’t escape the influence of Facebook.

I’m glad for the exposure.  I’m glad for all the new followers that will be reading my words in the future (hello and welcome!).  I enjoyed writing about Facebook and generating a good discussion in a wonderful blogging community.  It isn’t the topic close to my heart.  It isn’t a post that will change how our culture thinks about teenagers or guide how teens think about their own futures, but it was fun to write and reminisce on how things have changed over the years.

So once again, thank you, and welcome to all the newcomers!


6 thoughts on “The Traditional “I’ve Just Been Freshly Pressed!” Post

  1. I’m so glad you were pressed! I am still pretty new to the world of WordPress and finding good blogs to follow has been hard! Finding yours was a blessing as I’ve been trying my best to find educators on here! I look forward to reading more from someone your perspective as an educator!


  2. I knew that if any of the people I follow had to be Freshly Pressed, it had to be you. It was just a matter of time. Now it’s funny that, as you say, it happened on a post that was not really your usual topic. But it was a good topic nevertheless, and someone told you. Keep the good work!


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