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Every time I teach Genius Hour, I promise to do my own project along with the students. This allows me to model the steps of the process for them, but even more, it forces me to live out lifelong learning in front of them (not that lifelong learning is a problem for me... I don't... Continue Reading →

Testing the Waters

Testing... testing... Is this thing on? After two years of silence, I've probably lost most of my loyal followers, but that's OK. I'm here now because I need to write and process ideas again, and this is a good place to do that. I always lose the spiral notebooks I scribble in. If any of... Continue Reading →

Breathing Room

It's been a busy several weeks. Subbing has kept me on my toes - I haven't worked every day, but I'm working more often than not. Most of my work comes from the neighborhood public school, which is a convenient location, but I've been less than impressed with the school itself. In a town of... Continue Reading →

I’ve been discovered.

It happened. My students found me.  Even without the handful of conversations that tipped me off, I could tell by the sudden increase in blog traffic in the last few days.  On normal "good" days, I range somewhere between 40 to 120 hits to my blog.  Yesterday I received 450 hits. My internet presence has been discovered.... Continue Reading →

I type when I can’t focus.

I've been a bit overwhelmed lately. It's that frustrating phase when work and grading piles up while my life hops on a roller coaster. Students turned in research papers last Thursday. Please don't ask how many I've reviewed yet. The answer is not enough. I need to tackle them soon, though, because I'll receive another... Continue Reading →

An Apology, of Sorts

I wondered when I took this new job two months ago if I'd be able to maintain my blog.  After all, instead of just subbing, I now have to dedicate my time and attention to grading, lesson planning, and you know, teaching.  I wondered if the added responsibilities would prevent me from taking the time... Continue Reading →

Processing My Blog Explosion

I don't know if you noticed... I didn't immediately "deal" with the fact that my blog has suddenly gained a bigger audience.  I knew it was coming.  I received the e-mail telling me I would be featured on Freshly Pressed a few days before it actually happened, and since this is Round Two for me (um...... Continue Reading →

A Post About Books

Fellow blogger supposedgenius162 of Thought Orchard tagged me in a book post about specific genres, and of course I couldn't resist joining in the fun!  I tried at first to limit myself to one recommendation per genre, but I soon realized that simply wasn't possible.  I am an English teacher, after all.  Books are my "thing".... Continue Reading →

My Blog isn’t My Mark

The signs may not be obvious, but they're there for the keen observer.  I haven't written a book review since April.  I've been much less consistent at replying to comments.  My posts have dropped from twice a week to once a week, and this one is late.  The previous two posts were both responses to... Continue Reading →

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