Not a Forever-Goodbye

About a week ago, I told my oldest students the story of the events surrounding this post from eight years ago. After moving seven times in five years, constantly starting over and proving myself repeatedly, I thought I'd found my place to put down roots -- only to have the rug ripped out from under... Continue Reading →

A Year of Reading

In the town we lived in when my kids were born, our local library had a "1000 Books by Kindergarten!" program. Kids who reached this achievement won their names on the wall, a free book, and even a stuffed animal, I think. I'm not really sure, because I never signed my kids up for it.... Continue Reading →

Minefields and Marriage Vows

I usually do not form a strong emotional attachment to love songs.  Most of them are a bunch of fluff that has very little to do with what a real, life-long love story looks like.  Especially these days.  Taylor Swift's misunderstanding of Romeo & Juliet and One Direction's insistence that "the way that you flip... Continue Reading →

Strong for Someone Else

"It hurts!"  She gasped and sobbed as she stumbled along behind me.  "It hurts!" "It's OK, I know.  We're almost back.  We'll be OK, you'll see.  You can do it."  I kept up what I hoped was a soothing monologue, all the while ignoring each new scratch and cut tearing at my legs.  I was... Continue Reading →

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