Not a Forever-Goodbye

About a week ago, I told my oldest students the story of the events surrounding this post from eight years ago. After moving seven times in five years, constantly starting over and proving myself repeatedly, I thought I'd found my place to put down roots -- only to have the rug ripped out from under... Continue Reading →

Triangle Talk

I teach in a hallway. No joke. You know all those remarks I've made in my last two posts about my severely limited teaching space? How I used the term "classroom" loosely? It's because I don't have a classroom. Not really. Our building is roughly shaped like a triangle. The outside edges of the three... Continue Reading →

Exploring Genius

In addition to the StrengthsExplorer curriculum that started the year (I have students writing personal narratives based on their strengths right now - I'll let you know how that goes after we get past the first drafts), I've also been exploring the idea of doing Genius Hour with my students. I've admitted before and I'll... Continue Reading →

Reflections from the Pause Button

I should write something. That thought has passed through my head multiple times over the past few *ahem* months since my last update.  I've tried a few times.  I came close to a complete post once, but nothing ever came to fruition.  And yet, I still keep getting new followers and new comments on old... Continue Reading →

Lady in Waiting

It's amazing how much time we spend in life waiting.  I've waited for jobs, for apartments, and for answers that never came.  I've waited for phone calls, for a student to finally get it, and for things to finally settle down. Right now I'm waiting for the ultrasound that will tell me my baby's gender... Continue Reading →

Obligatory “Back-to-School” post

It's taken me a while to figure out that "back-to-school" time does bring changes for me this year, despite my lack of employment.  Initially, I watched the hype unfold with a sense of detachment.  I walked past sale racks of notebooks and pens without feeling the urge to walk through and pick out fun new... Continue Reading →

Summer Update

I am surrounded by boxes. My one-bedroom apartment has exploded in a sea of cardboard, bubble wrap, and packing tape. So what am I doing? Procrastinating by writing a long-overdue blog post, of course. Confession time: I've been absent from my blog for a while not only because it's summer, but also because I think I'm... Continue Reading →

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