Three Boys, 70.3 Miles

Meet Victor, Alonzo, and David, collectively known as V.A.D.  All seniors in high school, these three young men have taken on the challenge of training for and then competing in a 70.3 Ironman.  They are doing this with no similar experience and no previous training to give them a boost in their preparations.  The challenge... Continue Reading →

Remarkable Teens: Joshua

Maybe I should have been offended by the skeptical look on his face. "Mrs. Roberson, they put you in here?" I looked up from the squirming preschoolers that surrounded me and raised an eyebrow at the sixteen-year-old student filling the doorway.  All I said was,  "I know, right?" "You want me to come in and... Continue Reading →

Remarkable Teens: Mike

*Names have been changed. Mike didn't look like a kid that should be the subject of a blog post about remarkable teens.  Mike had issues with authority and dealt with conflict by becoming surly and angry.  However, he also defined some of the most interesting moments of my career, and whenever I think about him... Continue Reading →

Remarkable Teens: Alana

*Names have been changed. I can't come up with a new name for her.  No other name seems to fit, to do justice to her unique balance of tough tomboyish vulnerability.  I tried the nickname she claimed for herself, but that seemed too goofy for her depth.  I tried a name that rhymes with her... Continue Reading →

Remarkable Teens: Landon

*Names have been changed. As much as Jacob tugged on my heartstrings, I really should have written about Landon first, because Landon was the embodiment of everything I've been saying over the past few months.  In some ways, he was the first indication of the direction my career would ultimately take.  You see, Landon was... Continue Reading →

Remarkable Teens: Jacob

*Names have been changed. Jacob is probably the wrong choice for me to begin this series, but I can't help it.  I think the common perception of Jacob is wrong; I don't think the world truly understands what it is that makes this kid absolutely incredible.  See, Jacob is already celebrated as remarkable.  Teachers praise him... Continue Reading →

Remarkable Teens: An Introduction

I realized as I wrote my last post that my current topic of reflecting on my assessment results is pretty darn egocentric.  I mean, let's be honest.  All I really did was write about myself.  I think it still has purpose because I truly am exploring the assessment in the name of researching strengths-based education.... Continue Reading →

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