Three Boys, 70.3 Miles

Meet Victor, Alonzo, and David, collectively known as V.A.D.  All seniors in high school, these three young men have taken on the challenge of training for and then competing in a 70.3 Ironman.  They are doing this with no similar experience and no previous training to give them a boost in their preparations.  The challenge... Continue Reading →

My Blog isn’t My Mark

The signs may not be obvious, but they're there for the keen observer.  I haven't written a book review since April.  I've been much less consistent at replying to comments.  My posts have dropped from twice a week to once a week, and this one is late.  The previous two posts were both responses to... Continue Reading →

The Wisdom of the Walls

One of the things I enjoy about subbing is exploring the classroom walls.  Every teacher puts a unique touch on their classroom.  Some cover their walls in motivational posters, others in student work, and still others in subject-specific information such as math equations or proof-reading rules.  The classroom I'm in right now doesn't have any... Continue Reading →

The Power of a Great Teacher

My blog exploded this weekend. Well, a little.  I didn't receive more followers or more likes, but I did get hits.  So many hits.  Sometimes I link my blog post to Facebook, but not all the time, and I decided not to publicize my last post right away.  It felt too personal to advertise, so... Continue Reading →

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