Confessions of a Constant Job-Hunter

I’ve been job hunting nonstop for four years.  With my nomadic life, whenever I found a job, I always knew it was only a matter of time before I’d have to pack up and leave.  I always wanted to be a step ahead, preparing for the next stop in my travels.  So even as I graded papers and planned lessons, I was always job-hunting, too.  Always.

It worked.

In every place I’ve lived (six states in five years), I’ve not only found work, but I’ve been blessed enough to stay in my chosen career field despite all my moving.  Teaching is not supposed to be an easily mobile profession, and yet I’ve done it.  Not all the jobs were ideal.  Some were stressful and out of my comfort zone.  Others were amazing and heartbreaking to leave.   Continue reading

On Disappointment, Faith, and Purpose

I really thought I had it.  I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I’d even started writing the blog post celebrating the new job.  Fortunately, I wasn’t a fool enough to post it before I actually had confirmation from the principal.  Then the days dragged into weeks, which dragged into over a month, and still I didn’t hear anything.  That’s when the doubt crept in.  Maybe this job wasn’t a given.  Maybe they’re offering it to someone else, and they just don’t want to tell me “no” until after they’ve gotten the “yes” from him.

Let me go on record and say that I had reasons other than my own ego for thinking that job was mine (though looking back, ego had a hand, too).  I landed the interview on a blind resume.  The opening hadn’t been publicly advertised, so I wasn’t lumped with the job-hunting masses that flood any job posting they see.  That narrowed the competition field considerably.  Even better, I student taught at that school.  I knew the environment, the mission, and the student demographic.   Continue reading