A Teacher’s View on Names

I chuckled as I read this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge about the significance of names.  Any teacher will understand why.  Being a teacher ruins names.

I don’t have children yet, but they are in my life plan.  Like any girl dreaming of her future family, I’ve tossed around ideas for potential baby names with my girl-friends and my husband. However, for a teacher, names immediately lend themselves to memories of students.  Sometimes the association is good, and sometimes I can only picture saying the syllables in an irritated voice commanding a kid to stop talking.

Tyler, for instance.  I associate the name “Tyler” with an obnoxious inability to sit still and be quiet.  I’ve had three students named Tyler who fit this description.  Unfortunately, two of them were in the same class period, so simply yelling “Tyler!” didn’t do much, because they never knew where my yells were directed.  Fortunately, Tyler was never on my list of potential baby names, so it isn’t too much of a problem.

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It’s ROBerson!

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Hey, Robes!”

Two senior boys popped through my classroom door along with the sophomores making their way into class after lunch.  Their laughing exclamation was not referring to articles of clothing, but a mispronounced abbreviation of my last name.  These two boys stopped in my room with the sole purpose of calling me “Robes.”  And in that moment, a dreaded vision of my future at this school flashed before my eyes.

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