Minefields and Marriage Vows

I usually do not form a strong emotional attachment to love songs.  Most of them are a bunch of fluff that has very little to do with what a real, life-long love story looks like.  Especially these days.  Taylor Swift’s misunderstanding of Romeo & Juliet and One Direction’s insistence that “the way that you flip your hair gets [them] overwhelmed” simply don’t cover the depth of companionship, sacrifice, and effort that go into a life-long love.  A few singers do get it.  I enjoy Brad Paisley’s “Little Moments”, and Jim Brickman’s and Michael W. Smith’s “Love of my Life” is absolutely gorgeous.  In general, though, love songs don’t make me melt.

But there is one song that takes my breath away, that I actually spent the money to buy on iTunes.  I first heard Andrew Peterson’s “Dancing in the Minefields” – and really listened to the lyrics all the way through – while in the throes of preparing for our move to Boston.  I was near panic mode because the pieces were not falling into place and the move date was mere weeks away.  It sounds cliche, but I was driving when the song came on, and I literally had to pull over on the side of the road because I couldn’t drive and cry at the same time.

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