Vulnerability and Risk in Teaching

Do you want to know something weird? One-on-one meetings with students intimidate me. In the past, the only one-on-one conferences with students I've done were forced upon me (such as when I taught for The Princeton Review, who didn't allow for teacher autonomy in their curriculum). Ironically, now that I think about it, I actually... Continue Reading →

Triangle Talk

I teach in a hallway. No joke. You know all those remarks I've made in my last two posts about my severely limited teaching space? How I used the term "classroom" loosely? It's because I don't have a classroom. Not really. Our building is roughly shaped like a triangle. The outside edges of the three... Continue Reading →

A Lazy Genius Teacher

Some of my favorite "teacher-y" books As an avid reader, teacher, and input-seeker, I've thoroughly deep-dived the popular authors in this world of innovative education. Titles like The Innovator's Mindset by George Couros, Learner Centered Innovation by Katie Martin, Ditch That Homework by Matt Miller, and Pure Genius by Don Wettrick line my bookshelves --... Continue Reading →

Processing My Blog Explosion

I don't know if you noticed... I didn't immediately "deal" with the fact that my blog has suddenly gained a bigger audience.  I knew it was coming.  I received the e-mail telling me I would be featured on Freshly Pressed a few days before it actually happened, and since this is Round Two for me (um...... Continue Reading →

The Tangents

Dear Students, I know what you're doing.  It's nothing new.  You think you're distracting me, skillfully diverting the teacher's attention away from the lesson and starting me on some tangential discussion.  You think you're somehow "winning" because we didn't get as far as I'd planned in the lesson. I love it.  You think I haven't seen... Continue Reading →

Different Teachers

Katie was so poised.  She stood with perfect posture behind the podium.  Her demeanor was sweet and kind, and the respect the students felt towards her was palpable.  They quieted immediately at her first hint of starting class.  As she taught with gentle authority, her own interest in the topic intrinsically engaged the students.  She... Continue Reading →

Maybe I Should Just Go Flip Burgers

On a drive with my husband this weekend, the conversation turned to the striking fast food workers asking for their pay to be raised to $15/hour, which would effectively double their current income.  When a current-events topic like that comes up, I'm usually able to go on a rant about my opinion while still maintaining... Continue Reading →

My Blog isn’t My Mark

The signs may not be obvious, but they're there for the keen observer.  I haven't written a book review since April.  I've been much less consistent at replying to comments.  My posts have dropped from twice a week to once a week, and this one is late.  The previous two posts were both responses to... Continue Reading →

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