Don’t Forget About the Books! (a commentary on classroom technology)

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I could do my job in this classroom, no problem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I may step on some toes with this one, but if what I’m about to say bothers you, just know that I’m speaking from a very specific point of view (that of an English teacher).  I’m not opposed to the overall presence of technology in education; I just don’t want too much of it in my field.  Though I’ve mentioned it in casual conversations at work, I haven’t “officially” shared my opinion in faculty meetings simply because I’m still a long-term sub, not a permanent addition.  I’m not in a good position to rock the boat too much yet.  When that time comes, I’ll be diplomatic, but until then, I’ll stick to just blogging my thoughts.

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Sucked Into a Screen

Today I’m filling the oh-so-exciting role of “Study Hall Monitor”.  Actually, that’s going to be my job for the next week – watching kids do homework.  Awesome.  (Read that with a note sarcasm, please.)  Mind you, I’m not complaining about a week’s worth of sub work lined up.  That part is awesome.  I just have to come up with ways to entertain myself while I’m at it.  I have my laptop, but I’m still waiting for the paperwork that will let me connect to the internet to finish being processed.  I’m typing this post in a Word document which I’ll copy to WordPress later.

Fortunately, I’m a natural people-watcher, so that provides its own entertainment for today.  The students in this school district are a good demographic – a nice, solid middle-class mix of generally behaved kids.  Most of them sit quietly in their assigned seats without being reminded not to talk.  They aren’t all working, but at least they’re quiet.  One young man in the corner has his head down, catching a few more minutes of sleep before his next class.  Others are drawn into the world of their personal devices.  Yes, the smart phones, iPads, and iPods are allowed in study hall, just so long as they don’t disrupt the people around them.  Earbud headphones cross all the cultural and social boundaries, the only common accessory among a sea of fashionistas, athletes, academics, and artsy types.

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