An Adult Life

“A man among children will long be a child.  A child among men will soon be a man.” – Thomas Fuller, 1732

Ask almost any teacher, and they’ll tell you how they often crave adult conversations at the end of the day.  As rewarding as our work is, there’s something odd about spending the entire day among a younger generation of non-peers.  I find so much joy in my work with teens, but even in my most fulfilling, exciting workdays, I need to talk to an adult afterwards.  That may simply mean stopping by a coworker’s classroom to swap stories.  It may mean a dinner out to vent frustrations away from the workplace.  Maybe it’s a phone call to a close friend or my sister on my drive home.  Maybe it’s a Saturday afternoon spent wandering around a local sight with my husband.  I’ve clung dearly to my own adult world even as I’ve thrown myself headlong into a passion for helping teens become adults.

As I look around, I realize I’ve been blessed with an amazing peer group.  My teacher friends are some of the best teachers you’ll ever meet – experts in their content areas, dedicated to their craft, and invested in their care for their students.  We teach at different schools with different specific interests, but that doesn’t matter.  We’re good, and I’m blessed to be among their number.   Continue reading